A day out at Woburn Safari Park

A day out at Woburn Safari Park

Had a week off this week, we’d not booked to go away as we didn’t completely realise how damned expensive it is in the school holidays (first year we’ve been faced with this problem)

So ended up having a bit of a staycation this week.

We rounded off the week with a trip to Woburn Safari Park. It’s only about an hour from us, so not too long for the kids in the car.

Decided to get there for when it opened (10 am) as we figured that it would be busy, and we got caught out last year at West Midlands Safari Park and while it was fun, it took forever to get round and the kids ended up getting pretty restless.

It wasn’t as busy as we thought, although still pretty brisk. Woburn doesn’t seem to take as long as West Midlands although still has all of the same animals.

There isn’t as much going through security gates for the different animal enclosures as there is at West Midlands.

Got to see everything on the way round, although the big cats were all hidden under trees, keeping in the shade on such a nice sunny day.

The highlight of the road safari was going through the monkey enclosure and having them climb on the car.

The kids loved it, seeing them all climbing on all of the other cars and then having some feet appear on the windscreen as a monkey very casually walked down and plonked itself on the bonnet.

Then a another little one appeared and sat himself on the wing mirror.

As we started to drive off, the monkey on the bonnet climbed back onto the roof, promptly did a wee, which ran down over the windscreen and jumped off!

After the road safari we parked and headed to the foot safari. We wandered around the meerkats, lemurs, penguin world and the goats before heading over to the elephant enclosure.

The elephant enclosure gives you a chance to get up close and actually ‘pet’ an elephant, a great experience that you’re certainly not going to get every day.

After a short talk on the work the team do and some info on the daily routine of the elephants, the keeper walked this gorgeous creature around the edge of the enclosure allowing you to gently touch her as she walked past.

Everyone was really respectful of the rules we’d been given about not touching near the eyes or making loud noises.

The kids absolutely loved it. We stayed next to the fence and got to stroke her a second time as she came back.

We took some time to talk to the keepers about the work they do, learning that there are only around 30,000 Asian elephants left in the wild and that they are still hunted for ivory and as trophies.

Day out at Woburn Safari Park

After that awesome experience we took some more time to walk round the park, taking in the a bird display.

The kids had fun on the under 5’s bounce castle section and we paid a visit to the mammoth play ark, which is an indoor play area, complete with wavy slides – we had good fun on these, racing down on the hessian mats, loser buying the ice creams (me!)

If you’re tempted to go on the boating lake, do it early, it was rammed later when we decided to and decided not to bother standing in the queue.

All in all we had a cracking day out, best of all the kids were worn out when we got home so went to bed without a problem!