Benchmark Workout To Measure Your Fitness

I’m always keen to keep making progress on my fitness journey. Whether it’s lifting more, burning fat, or generally feeling fitter.

It’s important to track your progress, to see the results, for me at least it provides a great source of motivation.

I use a nice little workout as benchmark. It’s something that I go back to every 4-6 weeks to test myself against.

The 400 rep challenge

The 400 rep benchmark combines just 4 exercises. Push Up, Squat, Inverted Row and Sit Up.

You perform 100 reps of each in any order you like, as quickly as possible and record your time. That’s it.

I’ve been doing mine in different combinations, 10 rounds of 10 reps of each exercise, or 5 rounds of 20 reps.

Initially I found it easy to break it down into 10 rounds of 10 reps, especially for the push ups and sit ups, I found that the last two rounds of 20 were pretty tough, I was stopping for a short rest half way through.

As I’ve got stronger I’ve been able to move the 5 rounds of 20 reps. Whichever way you do it it’s still a good way to measure where you are and how far you’ve come. It’s also a nice little workout.

This workout also targets all the major muscle groups, has the push/pull element and also involves the core.

Have a go and let me know how you get on.

The 400 rep challenge - benchmark workout

The 400 rep challenge – benchmark workout